​ Pure Stock Automotive buys and sells Classic Cars and Classic Muscle Cars with others and for others.  We also sell things to dress up your garage where your awesome Classic Car or Muscle Car resides !  See our 'Car Stuff' page.

We know of a bank that will finance classic cars with you if you have a credit score above '590', and they will do it at around 2.5% !! 

Recently, we added a service we like to call... "Eyes On", meaning that if you are buying a car in our area and you cannot make the trip here to lay eyes on it yourself, we will make an appointment with the seller to look the car over for you and report back to you for just $200. plus a fuel charge for distance traveled.  This could keep you from making a huge mistake with your money.  We will give an honest report of what we find and send you proof for what we are telling you whether good or bad.  Just as we would expect that you would send someone to look at the cars we have for sale on our site here, we have nothing to hide !

We know what to look for from past experience buying our own cars through the years.  You will be informed of what the car would need in order for you to park it at a local car show and have nothing to hide !  We will not tell you what we think the car is worth, that's easy enough for you to figure out yourself online, and a lot of the classic car market is just relative to how badly you want a certain car anyway...we will just make sure that you know the condition of what you are spending your money on !  Sure beats driving or flying all that way, with all that expense, only to find out the car wasn't what you thought it was !!  Tell your friends about this service before they waste money on a trip they don't have to make, or buy a car unseen and get taken advantage of !!

Should you buy or sell a car near us, and you would like the car to be detailed in some way before the delivery of it, we can help you with that as well.  You can arrange the car to be dropped off to us, to detail the engine bay, fix paint flaws, put seat covers on for you, buff the car, touch up the undercarriage, etc... whatever you would like done for the car, whatever the car 'needs'.    Pricing figured on an individual basis depending on scope of work needed.  If the car needs any paint work we have one facility we use for that, if it doesn't need paint work, but needs other details, we have another facility we use for that.

Pure Stock Automotive also works with a few great shipping companies local to us, that we trust to move your car safely and timely at a fair cost to you ! 

If you don't see anything that sparks your interest in our inventory, no problem, we'll keep your name and number until we come across someone who has what you're looking for, and let you know where to find it !  We have formed many relationships with other classic car and muscle car guys/girls over the years !  If you want to sell, check with us, we probably have a person looking for the classic muscle car you're selling !  See our 'For Sale' page for some photos of the classic cars and classic muscle cars our friends have available.  We love what we do !!  And for you overseas classic car and classic muscle car buyers, yes, we will work with you!! 

Call us at  1-248-249-0627 or 

email us at


Pure Stock Automotive, LLC​​​

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